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Global Tapestry Blog Contents

For quick access, here is a list of all of our blog posts with the latest blog posts at the top of the list.  Blog posts that are ***BOLD*** are ones we think are worthwhile reading....

***Guest Speaker at "Wear All The Babies" Babywearing Collective Expo***

***Global Tapestry Special Guest on The Babywearing Broadcast Podcast***

***World's Greatest Shave***

***Breaking News: Sling Standard F2907 Now Mandatory for the USA!***

***I'm a Babywearing Consultant***

***Who makes your Inoshi Baby Carrier?***

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***Global Tapestry - Global Impact***

Global Tapestry Market Stall

Instagram Loop Giveaway

Inoshi Giveaway - Aussie Sling Meet

Model Search - Next Inoshi Release

Birth Announcement!

The Next Inoshi Colourway Announced

Model Call Out - Instructional Guide

Inoshi Colourway Voting

Inoshi Draw a HUGE Success!

Inoshi Baby Carrier - Draw to Purchase is OPEN

***Wrap You in Love trials the Inoshi***

***Inoshi Carrier - Pea Fritters' Review***

***The History of the Inoshi***

***Why get an Inoshi? Is the Inoshi a Wrap or a Mei Tai?***

***Inoshi Feature - The Belt***

Inoshi Model Call Out!!

***Where did the name "Inoshi" come from?***

Global Tapestry would like to present... The Inoshi Carrier!

Appreciation Post


3 Puppy Dogs & New Babywearing Product

TWO Babywearing Babies in 2016!

***Pea Fritters Review of our Global Tapestry Doll Wrap Carriers***

***How to Use Your Global Tapestry Nursing Cover***

***Nursing Covers & Empowering Breastfeeding***

New Brother for the Global Tapestry Family

Babywearing Conference & Professional Development

***I'm a Babywearing Consultant***

Our first blog post...

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