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Babywearing Conference & Professional Development

Back in May I attended the Australian Babywearing Conference in Adelaide.  It was a fantastic event which showcased some amazing Aussie babywearing businesses - Wrapture, Ankalia, Chekoh, The Babywearing Practice, Fertile Mind and AngelRock Baby to name a few.  It was a lovely opportunity to meet people face-to-face whom I had previously only been communicating through Facebook and emails.

There were also some wonderful conference seminars I attended.  I particularly enjoyed listening to how a Rebozo wrap/shawl is traditionally used in Mexico during pregnancy and labor; watching Liz from The Babywearing Practicing showing umpteen different wrap finishes for a Double Hammock back carry; and listening to Christine Kininmonth, the director of Fertile Mind, talking about how she started her business (and I agree with her tip - never work with a product that has an expiry date - learnt that lesson from a previous business!)

About a week later in Melbourne I also attended the 2 day Professional Development course run by Arie Brentnall-Compton who heads up the Canadian Babywearing School.  It was great listening to Arie talk and hearing her experiences working with Canadian First Nation communities and how enabling them to babywear has a profound impact on the attachment to their babies and their over health and wellbeing.

Group Meet at the Conference & Sandy, my DIY Demo Doll, at the PD

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