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How to Use Your Global Tapestry Nursing Cover

Our nursing covers are super stylish, super versatile (after using it as a nursing cover, turn it into an infinity scarf!) and super easy to use!  Our covers are lightweight with a narrow width, making them perfect for warm summer days.

Here are some simple instructions on how to use your Global Tapestry Nursing and Breastfeeding Cover:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit so you can cherish your feeding time with your baby.
  2. Open/separate the cover and place it over your head (or unravel it if you have been using it as a scarf).
  3. Drape one end over the shoulder/side you will be feeding from, while the other end should hang diagonally down to your opposite hip.
  4. Rest your baby in your arms/lap and give them a few kisses (or prepare your pumping equipment - you don't need to kiss this, but you can if you want...).
  5. Bring one hand under the cover and prepare your top/bra/yourself for feeding.
  6. Gently lift up the bottom of the cover and bring your baby/pump under it and to your breast to start feeding/expressing.
  7. Gently lower the cover over your baby/pump, covering yourself as much or as little as you are comfortable with.
  8. Once your baby has finished feeding, bring them out from under the cover and re-affix your clothing.  If you would like to feed from the other side, re-drape the nursing cover to the other shoulder.  If you have finished feeding, remove the nursing cover entirely, or loop it around you neck to wear as an infinity scarf.
While using the nursing cover is pretty simple, there are some important things you need to keep in mind to make your feeding as comfortable and safe for you and your baby as possible.
  • Always make sure you can see your baby's face while using the breastfeeding nursing cover.
  • Do NOT cover or block your babies face with the nursing cover.
  • Always make sure you baby has fresh air flowing to them while they are under the nursing cover.
  • Be aware of your baby's temperature while they are under the nursing cover - especially on hot days. If your baby feels like they are getting to warm, fan the nursing cover over your baby to help keep them cool and move air around them, or remove the cover entirely.

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