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Pea Fritters Review of our Global Tapestry Doll Wrap Carriers

We were pretty excited when Ruth from Pea Fritters contacted us and asked if she and her 2.5yr old daughter could test out one of our Global Tapestry Doll Wrap Carriers.

Ruth's Pea Fritters blog is lovingly crafted with beautiful photography - her topics center around parenthood and delicious food (OMG - check out her Gluten Free Choc Chunk Cookies!).

When you give a product away for review, you never really know how it will turn out - the little devil and angel on your shoulders whisper alternatively into your ear "they will find fault in everything and give you a 1 star review!" OR "oh they will love it soooo much you'll become an internet sensation over night!".

So it was with some trepidation that we awaited Ruth's and her daughter's review.

Well, we needn't have worried - Ruth's review "Babywearing 101 + Global Tapestry Doll Sling Review" went above and beyond what we could have imagined.  While we are glad they loved our Global Tapestry Doll Wrap Carriers - her review - or should I say blog - was soooo much more!  It was an honest and open account on parenting and babywearing that it was a true delight to read.  Her photographs were gorgeous and I fully agree with Ruth's statement that "So much of parenting is monkey see, monkey do".

So do yourself a favour and have a read of Ruth's review of our Doll Wrap Carrier at "Babywearing 101 + Global Tapestry Doll Sling Review"!

Pea Fritters Review of Global Tapestys Doll Wrap Carrier

One of the gorgeous photographs of Ruth's daughter taken for the Pea Fritters review of our Global Tapestry Doll Wrap Carrier

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