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Appreciation Post

Let's do an appreciation post, because really, none of us would be where we are today without the input and support of the people - our Village - around us.

I'd like to share my appreciation (and love) for my husband.  We dropped him off at the airport today to send him back to work (probably not the best timing seeing that I'm about to launch a new product... but hey, gotta do what you gotta do!).
Global Tapestry - Appreciation Post - Saturation Diver
He does FIFO (Fly-in-Fly-out) work as a Saturation Diver on oil rigs.  He works 4-6 weeks away from us at a time, he's mentally, physically and literally under constant pressure while on the job, and has worked in many places around the world - usually it's the UK, but the last few trips have been to Western Australia.

It's tough on all of us - tough on two little girls who are starting to understand what it means when "daddy needs to go back to work", tough on me taking on a partial single parenting role (and being 27 weeks pregnant and trying to run a little business - I bow down in awe to single parents!) and tough on him for being away from his family and home for such a long time.  And then there's the adjustment period when he comes home which I liken to the scene in the movie "The Hurt Locker" where the returned solider is standing looking lost and dazed in front of the fridge aisle at the supermarket.

But then there are the benefits - when he's home, he's fully home - he can spend all day/week with our girls, he cleans the kitchen (OMG - it's the sexiest thing having your husband clean the kitchen!) and he supports me in running Global Tapestry, such as by creating special tools to make my manufacturing process quicker and easier.

So thank you my darling!  Thank you for doing what you do, so that we can do what we do.  We truly, deeply appreciate and love everything about you!

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