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Where did the name "Inoshi" come from?

We've only just launched and we've had a barrage of questions coming in - which is great!  Happy to answer any questions.

So here is one of the common questions we've been asked:  "Where did we get the name Inoshi from - it sounds Japanese?"

Global Tapestry - Where the name Inoshi comes from

Just like probably 99% of the businesses and products out there (OK, maybe not that many, but you get the idea), I called the Inoshi after our children.  On the left is Inara (who is just about to turn 4), and on the right is Shoshana (or Shoshi, who just turned 2).

Inara is a name we liked, is Arabic in origin and means "Illuminating" or "Shining" - she was also supposedly a Hittite Hurrian goddess who slayed a dragon in a weird mythical story.  Inny definitely shines bright in our family!  Her middle name is Josolly, which is a combination of my two grandfather's names - Joseph and Solomon (Solly).

Shoshana is a family name, is Hebrew in origin and means "White Rose or Lily".  Shoshi is like a white rose - she's tough and spiky and will probably keep her fair hair/skin.  Shoshi's middle name is Lottie, named after her grandmother Lorry.

Our third bub, due in May 2016, will probably end up with just as a weird name as their sisters :-).

When I made the first prototype in Sept 2014, I decided to call it something.  And the first thing that came to mind was combining Inny's and Shoshi's name (like we had for Josolly).  And that's how INara and shOSHI created Inoshi.

So, no, there was no intention for the carrier's name to sound Japanese (or anything else).  And there definitely was no decision to call it the "Inoshi" for marketing purposes because I named it way before I even decided to improve the design and look to sell it.

I can understand how "Inoshi" sounds Japanese - Inara can sounds like "inari" - which is a type of sushi, and Shoshi can sound like "sushi".  I recently tried to find the meaning and origin of "Inoshi" to see if it was a known name.  I found "Inochi" who seems to be an Anime character and can mean "Life" in Japanese.  But the only things that come up for "Inoshi" was a number of people from Sri Lanka with this name (such as Inoshi Priyadharshani who is a female professional Sri Lankan cricketer - go girls!).  I guess because of the combining of Inara/Shoshi, it could now be an Arabic/Hebrew name mean "shinning white rose"... 

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