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Why the Inoshi? Is the Inoshi a Wrap or a Mei Tai?

So is the Inoshi a Mei Tai?  Will it ruin me for using a babywearing wrap?  Why should I get it over the other carriers out there?

Global Tapestry - Inoshi Baby Carrier

The Inoshi is a HYBRID BABY CARRIER.  It consists of a babywearing wrap, an attached waist belt and has attachable accessories, such as the Hood and Rollie.

Is it a Babywearing Wrap?

The Inoshi is not a babywearing wrap - a wrap is JUST a long piece of material that you use to wrap around the adult and child.  No belt, no hood.

Is it a Mei Tai?

The Inoshi is not a Mei Tai - a Mei Tai consists of a clearly defined square/rectangle body panel with narrow shoulder straps that come out from the top corners and a waist belt that is attached to the bottom of the body.  Some Mei Tai have hoods.

Is it a Structured Carrier?

The Inoshi is not a structured carrier - a structured carrier has a clearly defined body, usually padded shoulder straps and waist belt with buckles.  Most have hoods and pockets. 

The Inoshi combines the key elements from a range of babywearing carriers - a full length wrap, the belt from a Mei Tai, a hood and pocket from a carrier, and it's own Rollie - into one hybrid baby carrier. 

Because the Inoshi combines all of these different elements, you can't automatically think "I can toss my baby on my back like I would normally do with my wrap" or "I'll just tie it off like I do my Mei Tai" - it is it's own unique carrier.

Just like each of these tools, the Inoshi has it's own way of being used.  Putting it on, you need to think more "carrier/Mei Tai".  Tightening the Inoshi, you need to think more "babywearing wrap".  And then there a things you shouldn't do, like "superman toss" your baby onto your back like you might do with a babywearing wrap - instead you need to do a hip-scoot like you would with a carrier.

An Inoshi gives you and your child the closeness, beauty and embraced snugliness from its full length wrap.  It can be worn on your front, hip or side in a fully supported, ergonomic position.  It provides the full flexibility of molding your carrier to your child as they grow from birth through to childhood.  The belt gives extra support, security and confidence in wrapping your baby - especially on your back where you have reduced visibility and reduced arm flexibility.  It incorporates a small pocket to store a phone, keys and some money so that you don't need to carry a separate bag.  The additional accessories of an adjustable Hood and Rollie provide convenient and accessible comfort and support for all wearing ages and weather situations.

The Inoshi does not replace any of the other babywearing carriers - it coexists with them - it's another carrier to add to your stash.  Each baby carrier has a time and place - you might use a Ring Sling instead of a Mei Tai for quick trips to the shops; you might use a Structured Carrier instead of a Ring Sling for long walks; you might use a Wrap instead of a Structured Carrier because it's more adjustable to your new born; you might use an Inoshi over a Wrap because you want the added bonus of a belt, hood and pocket.

And no, the Inoshi won't "ruin you" for your babywearing wrap, just like your structured carrier won't "ruin you" for your Mei Tai.

Check out our Inoshi user instructions and videos in our Get Going Guide section to find out more about how the Inoshi is worn.

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