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The History of the Inoshi

In October 2014, Jen, the owner of Global Tapestry, was trying to wrap her wiggly 10 month old daughter in a woven wrap back carry.  Having used structured buckle carriers for her first daughter, and a stretchy and woven wrap for her second daughter, Jen was confident with the front carry.  But the magical back carry was as illusive as a full nights sleep.

Jen thought "I need to find someone to teach me how to do a proper back carry" and then added "but it would be cooler if my wrap had something attached to it to attach to me and stopped my baby from slipping through... hmmm... a belt would do the trick!"  And so the seed for the Inoshi was planted! 

The next day Jen bought some fabric and first Inoshi prototype was created.

Global Tapestry - Inoshi Carrier Prototype

And it worked!  Jen could wrap her wiggle monster and the monster couldn't wiggle out!  Hooray!  Jen was rather excited (who isn't excited when they create something) and posted her creation in a number of babywearing Facebook Groups.  The carrier had a great amount of chatter around it, and she initially rebuffed comments like "OMG! You should sell these" because she knew how involved, costly, time consuming turning a concept into a sellable item is.  However a few months later, when she released that going back to work full time in the city over 1.5hrs away wasn't viable with 2 little kids, so she gradually warmed to the idea of working from home and started to develop the Inoshi into a more refined product.

10+ prototypes later, 16+ grueling months, $$$ dollars spent on fabric/testing/insurance/business set up/patents/inventing tools to create the Inoshi and completing her Approved Babywearing Consultancy course, the final version of the Inoshi was release in February 2016.

We hope that you get as much pleasure (and practicality) out of the Inoshi as we hoped while creating it!

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