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Inoshi Carrier - Pea Fritters' Review

Ruth from Pea Fritters recently had a play with a large Amethyst Inoshi with her two kids, 3yr old "Possum" and 7m old "Wombat". 

Have a read of her lovely review of the Inoshi carrier and a browse through her yummy recipe ideas (great for gluten/fructose free tummies!)

Global Tapestry - Inoshi Baby Carrier - Pea Fritters Review

" [Possum] was having a particularly cranky day and after trying to calm the beast using all sorts of other options I finally said “Do you want to play with the new carrier?”, “Yes please mummy!! With the hood! I want the hood on.”.

So in she went, with the hood. And straight away, beautiful calm. She snuggled in and her whole body relaxed. I heard a little whisper from under the hood. “I love you mummy”"

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