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Inoshi Draw a HUGE Success!

Phew!  What an effort!  What a success!

Thank you everyone for your support and love of the Inoshi!  WE SOLD OUT!


Everyone's Inoshis have been posted - and some of our new Aussie owners already have theirs in their hot little hands!

The overseas Inoshis will take a little while to arrive to their new homes, but we're looking forward to seeing everyone's reaction to receiving them :-).

We'd love to follow your Inoshi journey, so be sure to join us in our Facebook Group Global Tapestry Village and share your photos in there or tag us with #Inoshi or @GlobalTapestry in Intagram!

Here are some posts shared by new Inoshi owners!

Global Tapestry - Inoshi The Babywearing Practice

Repost from @sassy_wombat - Exciting day today with the arrival of the Inoshi Carrier. Both kids got a go (and a demo doll). Looking forward to some fun in learning a new way of carrying master one.

Global Tapestry Inoshi Owner

Repost from @aannric- How beautiful is this packaging? The wrap was actually inside the cover so I've removed it for the photo, but to me, presentation is everything! Thank you @globaltapestry. I've washed this beauty and let it dry naturally. Now to get bubs in it tomorrow.
Global Tapestry Inoshi Owner Repost from @brookemaree.forthewholemama - Someone has been watching mummy practicing with the Inoshi! She's really trying to perfect those shoulder passes


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