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Model Call Out - Instructional Guide


Could this be YOU?

Global Tapestry  - Inoshi Get Going Guide Model Search

We're searching for a model to demonstrate the next series of instructional carries for the Inoshi Get Going Guide.  We will be taking photographs and video for:

  • Kangaroo Carry
  • Poppins Hip Carry
  • Double Hammock

The model can be male or female, any race or size, with a child who is aged between 8-12 months.  Ideally the model has some experience doing these carries - however, we will be advising how exactly we want the carries to be done, and you'll be able to practice with the Inoshi beforehand.  The front and hip carries will be done with a demo doll, while the back carry will be done with your child.

The resulting photos/video will be placed onto our website, YouTube channel and other social media outlets.

Filming will take place in Malvern, Victoria (or if you have a lovely big clean light coloured wall at your home, we can film at your place) and will probably take at least 2 days/sessions to complete.  We will use large studio lights and flashes during filming.

If you're interested in putting your name forward and you're available during the below times, please complete the form below and we will let you know if you have been selected!  You will receive copies of the photos as well as a small payment/gift as a thank you for participating.

Proposed Timeline:

  • Model search open: Friday 15th April to Sunday 17th April
  • I will post the Inoshi Express to you Monday 18th April and you practice with the Inoshi
  • Filming block 1: Monday 25th to Thursday 28th
  • (I'm due to give birth around the 1st May... is filming before hand wishful thinking???)
  • Filming block 2: Mid to Late May

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