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Inoshi Get Going Guide - Inoshi Belt, Pocket & Knots

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The belt is the key feature of the Inoshi - it enables:

  • The Inoshi to be secured to the adult
  • Helps to create a defined seating area within the body of the Inoshi for your baby
  • Helps to create a secure “unpoppable” seat for your baby
  • It also has a small convenient pocket at the end of one side of the belt.  Use this pocket to store your phone, keys, cash, a nappy, etc when out and about.

Always have the belt securely around you and tied in a double knot while wearing the Inoshi.

Also have a read of our Blog Post the Inoshi Feature - The Belt to find out how the belt is made.

Click on the instructions below to open a PDF version which you can print.

Global Tapestry - Inoshi Get Going Guide - Inoshi Belt and Reef Knot