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Inoshi Get Going Guide - Inoshi Rollie & Adjustment Options

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If the body of the Inoshi comes up over your babies head, the Inoshi should be sized to reduce the height of the Inoshi.  This will most likely to occur for young or small babies, such as for new borns through to about 4 or 6 months. 

There are a number of different ways to size the Inoshi to your baby:

  • Using the Inoshi Rollie - see video & instructions below
  • Altering your babies placement in the Inoshi - see instructions below
  • Altering the placement of the belt on you - see instructions below

The Inoshi Rollie is highly recommended to be used with babies under 6 months of age and can be used with front and hip carries.

The Inoshi Rollie:

    The Inoshi Rollie is an optional accessory for the Inoshi Carrier. 

    • Is a soft, lightweight, padded tube and comes in two Amethyst colourways
    • Easily and securely attaches onto the Inoshi with plastic snaps
    • Is used for reducing the height/size of the Inoshi so that the Inoshi can be better sized and contoured around smaller babies
    • Also acts as a comfortable padded pillow neck/head support for little or sleeping babies
    • Can be stored in the Inoshi's belt pocket when not in use

    You can purchase the Inoshi Rollie here.

    Find out how to wash and care for your Rollie here:

    Click on the instructions below to open a PDF version which you can print.

    Global Tapestry - Get Going Guide - Rollie and Adjustment Options

    Global Tapestry - Inoshi Get Going Guide - Inoshi Rollie