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Inoshi Draw to Purchase Process

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The Inoshi and its accessories are released to the public via a random draw to purchase process and not via the normal add-to-cart process. 

A random purchase draw process is open for approximately 24hrs and allows people to submit their order requests via a form during this time - winners are then randomly selected after the closing time with invoices needing to be paid within 24hrs.

An add-to-cart process (ordering normally on line) tends to be a "first-in-best-dressed" situation and isn't always fair to people who live in different timezones or who are unable to access the internet at the release time.

If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Inoshi Draw to Purchase Process


CLICK on the IMAGE below to be taken to the Fluorite and Raspberry Rhodonite Inoshi Draw to Purchase

This draw will remain open for 24hrs from 8pm Thurs 25th Aug to 8pm Fri 26th Aug


Inoshi Draw

  • Draw submission open for 24hrs - time location is Melbourne, Australia.
  • The Inoshi Draw to Purchase Form will be listed here when the Draw is open.
  • People who want to purchase an Inoshi or Inoshi Accessory complete the draw form within the submission period

  • NOTE:  Due to there often being a high number of submissions to purchase than available Inoshis, not everyone who applies via the draw will win the right to purchase an Inoshi/Accessory.
    • At the end of the submission period, Global Tapestry randomly draws the winning submissions and sends out invoices for payment
      • Invoices must be paid within 24hrs, failure to do so will result in the item being restocked and passed onto the next person
      • Shipping rates to be advised shortly.


      Global Tapestry - Village Pass

      Global Tapestry Village Pass

      Members who hold our special Village Pass are allowed to bypass the Draw to Purchase process and can claim an Inoshi before everyone else.  The Pass does not grant a free Inoshi, it's simply a cue jumper to a certain Inoshi purchase, which isn't guaranteed via the Draw.

      These passes are periodically given away on our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram Account and email mailouts - so be sure to join these to be able to enter into winning a special Village Pass.

      Each Pass can only be redeemed once, but can be redeemed for any Inoshi release within 12 months of winning the pass.  The Pass is not exchangeable, refundable or redeemable for cash.

      Village Pass holders will be notified when they are able to redeem their pass before for each release.