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ZZ OLD - All About the Inoshi

 Want to buy an Inoshi?

We currently have a limited number of in-stock Inoshis or you can order an Inoshi in a custom colour.  We also have in-stock matching Hoods, Rollies and Carry Bag.

Please complete our Register your Interest form to receive email updates from us about up and coming colour and product releases.

What is the Inoshi?

& Our Global Impact

Find out about what the Inoshi is, what it's key features are and what attachable accessories you can get for it.

Global Tapestry - All abou the Inoshi - what is it?

Get Going Guide

 Each Inoshi comes with an Instructional Guide, but you can also read these instructions online and watch our videos.

Global Tapestry - Inoshi Wrap Carrier Get Going Guide Front Page

Babywearing Safety

Learn all about babywearing safety specific to the Inoshi.

Global Tapestry - Visible and Kissable Poster

 Register Your Interest

Want to keep up to date for when the Inoshi and it's accessories will be ready to purchase?  Fill in this form and we'll keep you posted!

 Global Tapestry Register Your Interest In the Inoshi

In the News/Reviews

Find out what people are say about the Inoshi.

Global Tapestry - Reviews and In the News

 Babywearing Consultants & Sling Libraries who have an Inoshi

 Looking After Your Inoshi

 Find out how to take care of your Inoshi and the Inoshi accessories.

Global Tapestry - How to look after your Inoshi Care Instructions