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Register Your Interest - Babywearing Consultants & Sling Libraries

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Global Tapestry recognises the amazing work that Babywearing Consultants and Sling Meets/Libraries put towards babywearing and promoting the benefits and amazingness of it to the community.

Please complete the below form if:

  • You are a Babywearing Consultant/Educator or an admin for a Sling Meet/Library, and
  • Would like to host a traveling Inoshi, or
  • Would like to receive business/consultant related information and tips about the Inoshi, or
  • Would like to be notified when we have a limited number of Inoshis set aside solely to be purchased by Consultants and Sling Libraries.

Babywearing Consultants and Sling Libraries who have an Inoshi in their stash, also receive the following benefits from Global Tapestry:

  • Business Listing on our website and Facebook Group
  • Are allowed to comment in and make the occasional promotion post in our Facebook Group
  • May have their Social Media Inoshi posts shared by us on our Facebook Page/Group and Instagram accounts
  • Have our full support to answer any questions you may have or to provide Video link ups for real-time demonstrations

Any questions, please contact us.

If you are a blogger and would like to review the Inoshi, please contact us.