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What is it?

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What is the Inoshi?

Global Tapestry - Inoshi Wrap Carrier - Little Frog Amethyst with Inoshi Hood

The Inoshi is a unique baby carrier that combines the wrappy snuggliness of a babywearing wrap with the security of a belt and added optional accessories.  Wrap your baby confidently on your front, hip and back knowing that the specially patented Inoshi Belt helps to keep your little wiggle monster securely in the carrier and close to you and stops them from "popping" their seat.

The Inoshi is ideal for beginner and experienced babywearers, for new born babies (3.5kgs/8lbs) to toddlers (15.9kgs/35lbs for the US; 18kg/39lbs for all other countries).  If your baby is under 6 months, we recommend you also purchase an Inoshi Rollie to create a better fitting carrier.

The strong, supportive, yet lightweight woven wrap materiel used in the majority of the Inoshi comes from the well-known and respected Polish babywearing wrap company "Little Frog". 

The Inoshi conforms to Australian product and textile requirements and is the first Australian designed and made baby carrier that has passed the International Babywearing Standards USA F2907 and European TR16512.  Read more about Babywearing Safety and these international standards here

Patent Pending

Have a read of the following blog posts to find out more about the Inoshi:

Key Features of the Inoshi:

The Inoshi has a number of key features, they are:

Global Tapestry - Inoshi Wrap Carrier Features

Optional Accessories for the Inoshi:

Global-Tapestry-Inoshi-Wrap-Carrier-Hood-Onyx An attachable Hood which provides:
  • Extra upper torso, neck and head support for your baby - especially for young babies
  • Shade from the sun and protection from the weather (wind, cold & hot days, etc)
  • A barrier from distractions and disturbances for when your baby is asleep
Global-Tapestry-Inoshi-Wrap-Carrier-Rollie-Amethyst An attachable Rollie which provides:
  • The ability to easily adjust the sizing of the Inoshi to suit your baby
  • Extra upper torso, neck and head support for young babies (0 - 5 months)
  • A comfortable pillowed neck support for your baby - particularly when they are sleeping

A canvas tote Bag:

  • All Inoshis come with a complimentary Bag.
  • Stores the Inoshi while not in use, or can also be used as a nappy bag or general day bag.
  • Mid-weight canvas bag is lined and has two internal pockets.   
  • It has the unique feature of separated shoulder straps to make it easy to tie the straps together over your shoulder, or around your waist - which can be much more convenient location to wear a bag when wearing your baby.