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The Inoshi Carrier is a great carrier for beginner to experienced babywearers.

Here's what people have said about it:

 Global Tapestry Mumma Morrison Inoshi Review

Fi from Mumma Morrison had a play with a Raspberry Rhodonite Inoshi.  She had worn her son in other baby carriers before hand, but it was only once she had worn the Inoshi, did she consider herself a babywearer.

"I wasn’t prepared to love baby wearing so much, but the Inoshi has definitely changed my mind. I love the cozy feeling of having my boy snug and close, and it is so secure that I would feel comfortable going out and about with him. As far as baby wraps or carriers go, this has been my favourite (of the 3 I have tried so far), and definitely gets my stamp of approval!"

Welcome to the wonderful world of babywearing Fi!  We're glad the Inoshi was the carrier that helped you fall down this rabbit hole!

Have a read of Fi's full review of the Inoshi and have a wonderful through her wonderful blog!  You can also follower her on Facebook and Instagram.

Fi also held a Babywearing Poll on her facebook page and received some great responses!  When did you class yourself as a "babywearer"?

Amy from The Carrying Works is a babywearing consultant from the UK - she's busy running sling meets, hiring out carriers and reviewing a wide range of babywearing products - one of which was a Large Fluorite Inoshi.

"One of the main positives that people mentioned was that they felt the waistband reduced their anxiety about their little one popping their seat, which can really boost people’s confidence when it comes to getting started, particularly with back carries. Another positive was the fabric, people loved the Little Frog fabric & felt it was a great choice for the carrier."

Be sure to check out the rest of her review on her blog (and gorgeous photos!).  You can follow her on her Facebook page and on Instagram.

Teresa from Momma Luvz had a play with a Large Onyx Inoshi.  She's a Babywearing Consultant based in Canada and took the Inoshi on a test run in the fresh Alberta weather with her little munchkin (is that snow I see in the background?)!

"I don’t have many complaints about this carrier, in fact I quite enjoy it. ... I would highly suggest the Inoshi to anyone who loves a mei tai but has an interest in woven wraps. It is an excellent addition to any Babywearing Educator or Lending Library’s stash. The owner Jen Brown has created a great social media platform and posts helpful information and videos on how you can use the Inoshi."

Be sure to read her full Inoshi review and glance through her lovely blog, Facebook page and Instagram account!

Ruth from Pea Fritters recently had a play with a large Amethyst Inoshi with her two kids, 3yr old "Possum" and 7m old "Wombat". 

" [Possum] was having a particularly cranky day and after trying to calm the beast using all sorts of other options I finally said “Do you want to play with the new carrier?”, “Yes please mummy!! With the hood! I want the hood on.”.

So in she went, with the hood. And straight away, beautiful calm. She snuggled in and her whole body relaxed. I heard a little whisper from under the hood. “I love you mummy”"

Have a read of her lovely review of the Inoshi carrier and a browse through her yummy recipe ideas (great for gluten/fructose free tummies!), Facebook page and Instagram account.


Hannah, Dress Size AU18 with wrapee: 10kg 16mths

Inoshi Amethyst Large

When I first heard about the Inoshi, I wasn't quite sure how it "worked". I'm a wrapper, primarily because carriers with waist bands don't agree with my lower back. Hence, I had reservations about the Inoshi belt concept.

The Inoshi arrived neatly folded and tied with a ribbon, smaller than I expected for the equivalent of a size 7 woven. The embroidered logo on the waist belt and heart shaped snaps were immediately aesthetically pleasing.

I quickly discovered that the waist belt was nothing like that of a mei tai or SSC. Once I had tied off a carry, it could barely be felt. It did not need to be tight to perform as intended. My reservations evaporated. Each carry felt just like a regular woven wrap carry. My daughter's weight was supported by the woven wrap fabric, not sitting on the belt.

I found the Inoshi really came into its own in back carries. My daughter is not a fan of a ruck and tries to pop the seat as I tighten the all important bottom rail. The Inoshi allowed me to stand up straight and focus on strand by strand tightening without the fear of her popping the seat. It gave me instant confidence.

I wondered how versatile a carrier with a fixed seat position could be considering that some woven carries start off centre. I love a double hammock and gave it a go. I tied off to the side to compensate. Absolutely doable!

Overall, I assess the Inoshi as an innovative addition to the many types of carriers currently available. It especially suits people who have seat popping children and those who lack the confidence to learn to back wrap in a woven wrap. With the security of the waist belt, those new to back carries can practice with confidence in their child's safety.

Everything about the Inoshi is well thought out from the little side markers to help you centre the fabric in back carries to the pocket on the belt that held my large smartphone and keys with ease.

Thank you for the opportunity to test the Inoshi!

Wrapper:  SP, Dress Size AU16 ~ Inoshi Amethyst Large

I was so excited to try the Inoshi by Global Tapestry, I was able to do my first successful back ruck!

With the design of the pre made seat I was able to do a back carry with confidence and ease where as my other attempts at a ruck with woven wraps have been disasters. I was also able to hold Bub close in a front carry and I found it super easy to spread the passes widely and evenly over my back.

I love the accessories that come with this carrier as it adds to the versatility of it. This tester Inoshi is a size large and I wear size 16 dress size and you can see in my photo I have enough tails to comfortably tie off.

Wrap You in Love, a babywearing consultant, reviewer, blogger and babywearing international public figure, is trialing the Inoshi! 

We'll be sharing her posts on our Global Tapestry Facebook Page and "Global Tapestry Village" Group.

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Want to add your thoughts about the Inoshi to the list?  To leave some feedback, feel free to contact us, leave a comment on our Global Tapestry Facebook Page or join our Facebook Group Global Tapestry Village and share your love of the Inoshi there.

If you run a blog and would like to trial the Inoshi, please get in contact with us.

Is there something you don't like about the Inoshi?  We understand that not every product will suit everyone - but we love hearing your feedback regardless if it's good or not-so-good.  ALL types of feedback help us to create a better product and a better customer experience.  So feel free to contact us to let us know of any improvements we can make.