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Snap-It Conversion


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SNAP-IT CONVERSION Want to add the Inoshi Snap-It to your own wrap and have a Hood, Rollie or other accessories attach to it?  Then apply here! A "Snap-It" consists of 100%...


Want to add the Inoshi Snap-It to your own wrap and have a Hood, Rollie or other accessories attach to it?  Then apply here!

A "Snap-It" consists of 100% cotton coloured webbing and 3 or 5 coloured plastic snaps.  The Snap-It is sewn along the top of your wrap or carrier inline where you baby sits.  You then snap a Hood, Rollie or other accessories onto the Snap-It and use it with your baby.

We can add a Snap-It onto ANY wrap, ring sling, carrier or Mei Tai you have.


      1. Before you place your order, please compete the below form with your requirements.
        1. We will review your request and discuss your requirements with you.  Once everything has been confirmed, we will update this listing with your order total for you to add to your cart and pay at checkout.
          1. Then send us your items (at your cost) so that we can add the Snap-It to it.
            1. We will then colour match the Snap-It webbing and snaps to your wrap or carrier and show you the options.  Once you're happy with the colour choice, we will sew the Snap-It onto your wrap or carrier.
              1. For the Hood, Rollie or other accessories, you can either send us your own fabric or you could use some of ours - these options will be discussed with you in Step 2.


                     SNAP-IT PRICING

                    • Snap-It - $20
                    • Rollie - $25 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if baby is under 6 months of age
                    • Hood - $35 - To protect your little one's head
                    • Other Accessories - As discussed with yourself
                    • Inoshi Carry Bag - $25
                    • + postage back to you

                    The Inoshi Belt helps to create a secure and safe seat!

                    The Inoshi Baby Carrier is easy to use and is perfect for beginners to expereinced wearers.  You can wear your baby/child in the Inoshi on your front, hip or back and in a wide range of different caring styles and finishes.

                    Each Inoshi comes with a detailed Instructions Booklet, called the "Get Going Guide".  You can also view these instructions on our website and watch our insightful videos.

                    If you have any questions about how to use your Inoshi Baby Carrier, please contact us or book a consultation.

                    The Inoshi has been designed to suit a wide range of body types and sizes.

                    With our Inoshi Baby Carrier, sizing is We belive in being body positive and aim to remove the stigma of sizing.  We have therefore named the sizes of our Inoshi Baby Carrier as different feelings of love as you wear your little munchkin - because that's all that should matter.

                    • Adore:  4m / 4.4yds
                    • Cherish:  4.5m / 4.9yds
                    • Smitten:  5m / 5.5yds
                    • Treasure:  5.5m / 6yds
                    • Wrap Width:  70cm / 27.5inch
                    • Belt Length:  190cm / 74.5inch
                    • The Hood & Rollie are one-size-fits-most babies

                    If you require a different size, please contact us

                    Due to the Inoshi being handmade, sizes and colour may vary slightly.

                    Careing for your Inoshi and its Accessories is easy.

                    Follow the details listed in our care page.

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                    At Global Tapestry, we believe we all have a Global Impact, so we donate a percentage of our profits to a range of charitable organisations.  We support charities all around the world with a range of different causes. 

                    To find out more about how your purchase helps, read of our Global Tapestry – Global Impact Statement.

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